Do you want to be part of our actions? No matter if you want to participate from home or experience our public auctions in Vienna it is really easy.

1. Study the catalogue

You have the possibility to choose from three types of catalogue (printed-, flip- and online-catalogues). To get our exclusive printed catalogues delivered to your doorstep please fill out this form. Our flip catalogues are available six months prior to the upcoming auction. The online catalogues have the special feature that you can search for specific characteristics in order to get a better overview of our wide range of lots.

2. Place your bid

There are different ways how you can acquire your favourite pieces.:

Online LIVE bidding (not possible for mail auctions)
Place your bits simultaneously as the auction is running. Please register here first.

Personal participation (only possible at our public auctions)


Be present at our auctions. You can take part personally at our public auctions in Vienna. All our sales are held in the Fleming’s Selection Hotel, Josefstädter Straße 10-12 in Vienna (Austria).
After the registration we assign you your personalized bidding number and you can now be part of our exclusive sale.

Phone bids (only possible at our public auctions)

For lots starting from 500€ it is possible to take part at the auction through a phone call and get direct support and updates through one of our qualified operators.
Please inform us on time which lots you would like to bid. We will call you during the auction. Our staff speaks German, Italian and English.

Submit your offer online

It is possible to submit your final offer through our online catalogue. Click here to register.

Written offers

Your offers have to be written on our offer sheets and can be submitted by mail, email or per fax

Please take note that if your offers arrive per mail they have to get to our office a couple days before the start of the auction, otherwise we will not be able to consider your offer.